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propVIVO's HOA Management

Unmatched quality of services at a phenomenal rate.

Financial Management

PropVIVO has developed a financial processes that allows its clients to remain on top of financial details on real time basis.


Periodic administration tasks are extremely important and better management result in building a proper foundation for the governance of a homeowners association.

Property Inspection

Information provided in real time is invaluable. Only propVIVO provides clients with property inspection reports and other documents online in real time.

Vendor Management

Through our bidding engine we enable our clients to find the partners who can meet their needs both in terms of quality of services and cost effectiveness.


Homeowners have an option to create a service request, call our toll-free number any time day or night, 365 days/year, or enter a request through the online portal or through a live chat with our customer service desk.


propVIVO offers a customized portal for each association. You will be able to take control of Event Management, Documents, Bidding, Committees and much more!


Our Philosophy

Each residential community is unique and each community needs someone to nurture it.

That someone is a propVIVO community association manager.

Our managers address the specific needs of each homeowner and support board members in resolving issues. This partnership-style approach is where you see the propVIVO difference: utmost commitment and care towards all aspects of your property. It is complemented by smart technology, such as a customer support engine, to give you impeccable service.

That's not all. Our well-established infrastructure and knowledge of your local area position us uniquely to mitigate challenges. No wonder, we pro-actively help you realize higher value from your residential investments.

Simplified Management

Community management is simple and easy through our online portal and streamlined processes. Tools, information, support – all that you need to manage your home effectively is here.

Cost Efficiency

Our cost-efficient services guarantee savings and free-up funds for providing better amenities to residents. Our bidding engine lets you find high-quality vendors that provide the best for your community at the optimal price.

Fast Reponse Times

Live Support Chat

Account Analytics


Mobile Control

Currently Under Development.


Available on iOS, Android, and Windows


Our mobile design allows for easy management on the go.

Cloud Storage

All information is stored securely on our servers.


In app messaging for streamlined communication throughout your association.


Get instant notifications of any information pertinent to your association.


Live Chat with support directly through our application.

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